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  Design for Pleasure, 2013; photo by Tim Robottom, 2016     From Power Nelson the Futureman, Prize Comics #4, June 1940       Herbert Bayer Kaleidoscreen,1957. Aspen, Colorado   Denver Art Museum stairwell, Gio Ponti, 1971 Derelict building, Denver Denver Art Museum stairwell Park Hill, Sheffield                         Caro at Yorkshire Sculpture Park   Park Hill, Sheffield                                                                               Peanuts cartoon found online                                               Lawrence Halprin, Cities, 1972                                                                 John Latham, Flat Time House           Gerrit Rietveld             Isamu Noguchi View cover, October 1946 Creative Playthings       Aldo Van Eyck Aldo Van Eyck Aldo Van Eyck Aldo Van Eyck Aldo Van Eyck                       Frank Stella William Mitchell M Paul Friedberg   Scott Burton, Pearlstone Park, Baltimore, 1985 Calder and Terrazzo Sidewalk, NY, 1970 Carl Andre Untitled, 1965   Scott Burton Granite setee 1982-83 Iron Pyrite David Smith, Becca 1965 Henry Moore, Working Model of a Sundial       Makapansgat pebble   Loose Parts chalks   Brassai, Picasso with The Orator, 1939 Paul G. Guillumette, Belgium ca 1928, National Geographic, November 1929       Herbert Bayer, Drawing for a marble garden at the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, 1955                                                     cosmic microwave background                                                         John Bridgeman Play-sculpture, Mill Pool Hill Estate, ca 1959 Berthold Lubetkin & Tecton, bear ravine, Dudley Zoo, ca. 1936 Berthold Lubetkin & Tecton polar bear pit, Dudly Zoo, ca. 1936 Photo by Helen Brown   Sculptural experimet, Year 5 Hermitage Primary School Tower Hamlets, London         Untitled face (after Oskar Schlemmer), stencil for bread                   accidental abstract by Mark Essen                                                                           Sol Lewitt removal photo by Michael Maloney San Francisco Chronicle Tania wall painting, 1970, Title unkown (to us at least). Mercer & 3rd St, Manhattan, NY                                       Play sculpture by John Bridgeman               Play sculpture by Bryan Blumer